Plastics Testing

Plastic is an integral part of our daily lives. We use plastic forks to eat with, plastic pens to write with, and plastic molded medical devices to prolong life. With so much depending on plastic, it is easy to see what a tremendous need there is for manufacturers and producers to provide quality plastic.
One way to ensure such quality plastic is through physical quality testing. To this end, Shimadzu introduces numerous ways of using our Autograph line of universal testers to perform various plastic testing such as, bending, tensile, cyclic, high-speed, and high-accuracy modulus measurements.
The plastics industry is a "feature" business market for Shimadzu. We continue to strive to enhance our testing technology in order to provide our customers with the very best engineered products, service and support. SHIMADZU Corporation, with nearly 90 years of materials testing experience, is a world leader and respected developer of high technology testing instruments.