Electromechanical Static Test Frames

Shimadzu electromechanical test frames are designed to meet the needs of all types of applications. Shimadzu offers three series of test frames: AG-X Plus, AGS-X, and EZ-X. Choose the AG-X Plus series for the most demanding applications, the AGS-X series for routine quality assurance, and the EZ-X for low-force testing and texture analysis.


AG-Xplus Series

AG-Xplus Series Electromechanical Testers

10 N to 300 kN capacity load cells

Tabletop, floor, extended-column, and custom models

AGS-X Series

AGS-X Series Electromechanical Testers

Versatile, dual-column testers

10 kN to 300 kN frame capacities

EZ Test

EZ-X Series Tabletop Electromechanical Testers/Texture Analyzers

Compact, single-column testers

1 N to 5 kN capacity load cells

Accessories and Components

Service and Support

Calibration and verification of Shimadzu universal test frames are essential aspects to maintaining repeatable and reliable data. Shimadzu offers calibration and verification services for all of its universal test frames according to ASTM, with services coming soon for ISO standards.

Whether it’s a simple software question or a request about new applications, Shimadzu offers free phone support to ensure our customers get the most out of their instruments.

If the instrument is not functioning properly, onsite service and repair can be scheduled. We are dedicated to our customers. A preventative maintenance plan is a perfect solution to minimize instrument downtime. This plan includes a yearly onsite visit by a trained Shimadzu service engineer to perform scheduled maintenance, provide new software updates, and answer any questions about the instruments.