MiRC UHPLC Gradient Mixers
Nexera X2 UHPLC Mixers

UHPLC Gradient Mixers

Gradient Mixers for the Nexera X2 system incorporate “Micro reactor technologies” which enable a very high mixing efficiency with minimized dead volume. Mixer volumes are available in 20 uL, 40 uL, 100 uL and 180 uL types.

UHPLC Gradient Mixers

The MiRC mixer is a split/merge flow design for binary systems. It has a multi-layered structure to ensure proper mixing in the smallest amount of volume.

For ultra-fast analysis, using the smallest possible volume mixer is recommended within a range where the baseline is stable. Since baseline stability depends on the detector and mobile phase, select a mixer according to the instrument configuration and intended type of analysis as described below.
Solvent containing TFA Solvent containing formic acid, acetic acid, etc Water (including buffer solutions), organic solvent or its mixture
LCMS/LCMSMS MR 20 µL MR 20 µL MR 20 µL
UV MR 180 µL II MR 100 µL MR 40 µL
PDA MR 180 µL II MR 180 µL II MR 180 µL II

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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