LCMS Software

A range of software platforms exists to simplify your workflow and increase your productivity. Whether you require highly advanced near-automated data processing for a high-throughput laboratory or a walkup solution for multiple users to access an LCMS system, Shimadzu has a software platform that fits your needs. It all begins with LabSolutions – the foundational software that all LCMS instruments utilize and that all other Shimadzu software works in conjunction with. If needed use one of the many overlay programs to increase ease of use, productivity, or profitability.

LabSolutions – Simplifying your LCMS workflow

The LabSolutions software platform is the main software that controls all single and triple quadrupole LCMS units. This intuitive software package allows for an easy-to-use operating environment with simplified instrument control, diverse data handling, and integration with regulatory compliance requirements. It includes comprehensive functions for data acquisition, re-analysis, custom reports, and data management in both standalone and network environments.


  • Advanced data processing
  • Custom reporting
  • Auto shutdown and startup
  • Easy navigation
  • Auto tuning
  • Self-diagnosis

Open Solution Analytical – A walkup solution

Open Solution Analytical is an open-access (walkup) overlay software platform that provides a simple operational workflow for efficient confirmation of synthesized compounds. It is ideal for LC/MS analysts performing molecular weight confirmation or purity confirmation tests of synthesized compounds. This intuitive software maximizes network capabilities while enabling set-up of a robust system for multiple users sharing one instrument.


  • Easy compound identification
  • Remote data review
  • Automatic LC management
  • Easily submit a sample
  • Monitor target compounds
  • Peak integration
Open Solution Analytical

LabSolutions Insight

LabSolutions Insight data review software, designed for the high-throughput laboratory, makes processing LCMS MRM data efficient and accurate. User-defined flags allow outliers to be highlighted for easy recognition and further review. A complete series of data files can be viewed simultaneously, and the review process can be switched quickly between sample centric and compound centric modes. Method parameters can be updated for the entire sample set, and manual integration is quick and easy. Insight also enables data searching, filtering and sorting on all quantitative table results, providing flexibility in data processing and review.


  • Review by Exception
  • Advanced flagging capabilities
  • Flexible searching, filtering, and sorting
  • Configurable electronic output
  • Quickly update parameters such as curve fit type and ion ratios
  • Configurable user interface for baseline and peak review
LabSolutions Insight

QuanSolution – An open access platform for LCMS/MS

QuanSolution makes sample logging easy by allowing users unfamiliar with LCMS software the capability to perform LC/MS/MS analysis using pre-set methods. Walk-up access for multiple users and methods is possible because simple screens allow users to access the power of a triple quadrupole LCMS without extensive training.


  • Quickly log samples and conduct MRM analysis
  • Receive quantitative analytical results via email as a PDF
  • Share a single LCMS/MS system between multiple analysts
  • Supports column switching and multiple methods including column washes

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.