HPLC Injectors

Shimadzu offers a wide variety of injectors ranging from manual valves to high throughput autosamplers. Autosamplers provide unattended sample injections, but are designed to minimize cross-contamination. Clean, high-speed injections are possible with short cycle times that allow for fast chromatography. Prominence, Nexera XR, and Nexera X2 series autosamplers offer different options including, pretreatment, loop injection methods, sample coolers for storing samples at a constant temperature, or a rack changer to increase sample capacity.


SIL-30AC Autosampler

The SIL-30AC is an automatic sample introduction system that reaches a new level of low-carryover performance. With a pressure tolerance of up to 130 MPa and one of the world’s fastest sample injection (10 seconds), sample run times are dramatically reduced. The SIL-30AC offers pretreatment functions for a fully automated sample injection and additional needle rinsing options to minimize cross-contamination.


SIL-30ACMP Autosampler

The SIL-30ACMP is a multi-plate autosampler featuring the fastest injection operating time (7 seconds) while still maintaining near zero carryover performance. This autosampler offers more sample capacity due to the multi-plate feature and in combination with high-speed injections throughput is improved for multi-sample processing. With high-performance materials and rinsing options, quantitate precision and high-sensitivity is achieved and maintained.


SIL-20ACXR Autosampler

The SIL-20ACXR is a total volume injection type (direct injection) autosampler allowing high-speed injection and high-precision for injecting trace quantities. An improved high-pressure valve with a pressure tolerance of 66 MPa, allows for increased sample throughput.


SIL-20ACHT Autosampler

The SIL-20AHT and SIL-20ACHT are automatic sample introduction systems with an enhanced high-pressure valve (pressure tolerance up to 35 MPa) enabling for high throughput sample injections. Improved needle rinsing options minimize cross-contamination (carryover), allowing for enhanced accuracy and high-precision analysis.


SIL-20AC Autosampler

The SIL-20AC is a total volume injection type (direct injection) autosampler that supports high-speed injection and minimizes cross-contamination. With a high pressure valve composed of PEEK hardware, the SIL-20AC has a maximum pressure tolerance up to 20MPa but can also be upgraded to support inert applications with the change of the sample loop and injection needle.


SIL-10AFP Autosampler

The SIL-AF and SIL-AP are multipurpose autosamplers capable of large injection volumes, and well suited for automatic pretreatment applications such as dilution and mixing processes. The SIL-10AF offers high-throughput repeat analysis with high-speed sample injections. The SIL-10AP is the offered preparatory autosampler with large volume injection capabilities (up to 5mL). Both the SIL-10AF and SIL-10AP can be equipped with different sized sample loops allowing for analytical, semi-preparative, and preparative injection volumes.


SIL-10Ai Autosampler

The SIL-10Ai is an inert autosampler with a metal free flow path for bio-inert and ion chromatography applications. Similar to the SIL-10AF and SIL-10AP, the SIL-10Ai is capable of either syringe-measured or fixed-loop injections up to 5mL.

Manual Injectors

Manual Injectors

Shimadzu offers a variety of manual injectors for analytical and preparatory use, in both stainless steel and PEEK construction.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.