Smart Database Series
Based on SmartMRM Technology

Smart Pesticide Database
Smart Environmental Database
Smart Forensic Database
Smart Metabolites Database


  • The Smart Database Series is a collection of databases designed to help the user create MRM methods for GC-MS/MS easily and automatically
  • Divided into individual compound classes – only purchase the ones you need
  • Up to 6 or more fully optimized MRM transitions for each compound, including CE, so you can select the primary and confirmation transitions that are best for your matrix or application
  • Works with the SmartMRM function to create MRM methods with optimized dwell, event, and loop times for best sensitivity and repeatability
  • Empirically determined area ratios for all transitions
  • CAS registry numbers, retention indices (RI), and blank user-defined fields for customized labeling and organization
  • Customize the database by adding your own compounds and transitions using the MRM Optimization Tool
  • Full Analytical operating conditions for all compound classes

Product Description

Smart Pesticide Database (Product Flyer - PDF)

Includes 480 target pesticides and Internal Standards, 2,680 transitions, and full analytical operating conditions.

Smart Environmental Database (Product Flyer - PDF)

Includes over 500 environmental pollutants including PCBs, BFRs, dioxins/furans, PAHs, and OCPs. Also includes isotopically labeled compounds commonly used as IS and SS, and full operating conditions.

Smart Forensic Database (Product Flyer - PDF)

Includes over 1200 MRM transitions for 201 forensic toxicological substances such as drugs of abuse, psychotropic drugs, pesticides, and pharmaceuticals.

Smart Metabolites Databas (Product Flyer - PDF)

Includes MRM transitions for 475 metabolites commonly found in biological samples such as blood, urine, and cellular material, with derivatives.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.