AXIMA MALDI Accurate Glycan Analyzer
High-sensitivity Identification of Glycan Structures

Achieves Simple, High-Sensitivity Glycan Structure Identification

The combination of the Accurate Glycan Analyzer (AGA) software and the AXIMA Resonance (the world’s only high vacuum MALDI-QIT-TOF), makes the fast, automated identification of glycans possible. Capable of detecting glycans with high sensitivity, it is equipped with a database constructed of the measured MSn spectra of known glycans. By matching the spectra obtained for unknown samples with those in the database, precise, high-sensitivity glycan structure identification can be performed.

AXIMA Accurate Glycan Analyzer

Key Features

  • Choice of commonly used glycan labeling strategies
  • Intelligent MSn analysis automatically identify glycans
  • Differences in complex stereoisomers are distinguished using multiple MSn spectra
  • Glycans can be analyzed in minutes, even at low concentration
Spectra contained in Accurate Glycan Analyzer 2 are derived from biologically relevant human glycans. These were obtained enzymatically from well-defined and characterized, biologically relevant glycogens.


The AXIMA Resonance’s LaunchPad software incorporates a software interface client, which supports the structural identification of glycans by displaying complex analytical information in an intuitive way.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.