Food and Beverage

The demands of your high-throughput food and beverage QA/QC laboratory require high-speed and quality analysis. Whether analyzing the degradation of edible oils or the vitamins in baby food, or quantifying food additives, pesticide residues or the color in packaging materials, or determining the distinct aroma found in natural products, Shimadzu instruments are used throughout the process to keep your lab running smoothly and your customers satisfied.

Agriculture, Soils, & Fertilizers Authenticity & Adulteration Flavors & Fragrances
Food, Beverages & Other Consumer Products Food Process & Packaging Health, Dietary, Nutraceuticals, & Supplements
Pesticide, Mycotoxins & Other Contaminants Trace Metals Veterinary Drugs

Investigating Food Quality Evaluation: Complete Analysis of Aroma Compounds and Metabolites in Food (GCMS)

Analysis of Minerals and Harmful Elements in Formula Milk Powder Using ICPMS-2030 (ICPMS)

Differentiating Olive Oils Using UV-VIS Spectrophotometer and Spectrofluorophotometer (UV/VIS)

High Sensitivity Analysis of Peanut Allergen in Cumin and Spice Mix [LCMS-8060] (LCMS)

Analysis of the Lead Content of a Coffee Beverage by Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometry and Introduction of the GFA-TV Graphite Furnace Atomizer Camera (Atomic Absorption)

Simplified Cannabis Terpene Profiling by GCMS (GCMS)

Analysis of Cu and Zn in Red Wine Using Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (Atomic Absorption)

Multi-Residue Analysis of 18 Regulated Mycotoxins by LC/MS/MS (LCMS)

Efficient extraction of residual pesticides in agricultural products and soils for GC/MS and LC/MS analysis using supercritical fluid extraction (LCMS)

LCMS-8060 Application - Full automated online sample extraction and analysis of mycotoxins in foods by online SFE-SFC-MS (LCMS)

Improved sensitivity for characterization of sulfonamides and trimethoprim in honey using QuEChERS extracts with LC-MS/MS. (LCMS)

LCMS-8060 Application - High Sensitivity Analysis of Pesticides in Dried Hops Cones and Hops Pellets (LCMS)

LCMS-8050/8060 Application - Multi-residue analysis of pesticides in crude food extracts using a simple extraction technique and LC/MS/MS (LCMS)

LCMS-8050/8060 Application - Shimadzu Pesticide MRM Library Support for LCMSMS (LCMS)

500 Years German Beer Purity Law – Searching Contaminants (All)

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