Life Science Solutions

Shimadzu's Life Science solutions are designed to help accelerate life science research by integrating novel chemistry with innovative technology to enable life science researchers to automate and accelerate their laboratory workflows.

Shimadzu brings together technologies and tools that help you successfully interrogate your biological sample. Whether it is a gel-based experiment for understanding protein expression, characterizing differences in metabolites in patient studies, or imaging tissue using mass spectrometry, Shimadzu can help you with your discovery, validation and translation challenges.

Technology for Innovators

Shimadzu provides a wide array of powerful technologies for Life Science researchers. Primary applications and platforms are listed below…

Life Science Applications

Biopharmaceuticals  Microorganism Identification
Cannabis Testing Solutions  Lab-On-A-Card Technologies (Noviplex Cards)
Glycans & Glycomics   Protein Digestion
Imaging  Protein Sequencing
Informatics  Proteomics

Life Science Platforms & Solutions

Edman Sequencing  LC-MALDI Plate Spotter
MALDI-QIT-TOF MS  Perfinity Automated Protein Analysis
HPLC/UHPLC  Lab-On-A-Card Technologies (Noviplex Cards)
i3D Enterprise Informatics Service  UV/VIS Spectroscopy

Life Science Informatics

Bioinformatics is the single most complex challenge in the MS-based ‘omics workflows. Shimadzu delivers a powerful service for life science data storage, entire life science laboratory workflow automation and global data/report sharing. To learn more about this total informatics solution, please click here.

applications and related products

Analysis of ICH Q3D Guideline for Elemental Impurities in Drug Products Using ICPMS-2030 (ICPMS)

Integration of steroids analysis in serum using LC-MS/MS with full-automated sample preparation (LCMS)

LCMS-8060 Application - Highly sensitive multiplexed analysis of Levosalbutamol from plasma using LC/MS/MS (LCMS)

LCMS-8060 Application - Evaluation of the pharmacokinetics of a novel anti-diabetic agent using conventional LC/MS/MS (LCMS)

Analysis of Residual Solvents in Pharmaceuticals (USP<467>) with Shimadzu GC-2010 Plus and HS-10 Headspace Sampler (GC)

Multi Pesticides Residue analysis in Ayurvedic cough Syrup by GCMS/MS using QuEChERS’ extraction method (GCMS)

TOC – Determination according to USP 661.1 Testing of Plastic Packaging Systems and their Materials of Construction (TOC)

TOC – Determination according to USP 661.2 Testing of Plastic Packaging Systems and their Materials of Construction (TOC)

Top-Down In-Source Decay (ISD) Fragmentation and ISDn Sequencing for Protein Characterization (MALDI-TOFMS)

High-Speed Analysis of Mycophenolic Acid in Plasma Using Triple Quadrupole LC/MS/MS (LCMS-8050) (LCMS)

High-Speed Analysis of Sunitinib and Axitinib in Plasma Using Triple Quadrupole LC/MS/MS (LCMS-8050) (LCMS)

High-Speed Analysis of Itraconazole in Plasma Using Triple Quadrupole LC/MS/MS (LCMS-8050) (LCMS)

Analysis of Ions in Drugs (Part 5) Analysis of Organic Acid Counterions by Ion Exclusion Chromatography (LC)

Compound Identification Procedures Combined with Quick-CI (GCMS)

Automated Optimization of Chiral Separation Parameters Using Nexera UC Chiral Screening System (LC)

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