High Speed Mechanical Testing and Imaging

Shimadzu offers state-of-the-art high-speed testing machines and video cameras to assist in dynamic strength determinations utilized in computer aided design.
High-Speed Tensile/Puncture Testing of Members and Various Materials for Bodies
HITS-T10 Hydroshot High-Speed Tensile Testing Machine /
HITS-P10 Hydroshot High-Speed Puncture Impact Testing Machine

Along with a higher demand for improved safety and reliability, the evaluation of the dynamic strength (impact resistance) of materials and parts is becoming more and more important. This system can reliably measure various physical property values of aluminum and compound materials for bodies, values that are required for energy absorption efficiency at impact and CAE analysis at high-speed deformation. High-speed tensile testing and puncture testing up to a maximum speed of 72 km/h (20 m/sec) and a maximum test force of 10 kN are possible.

Hyper Vision HPV-X2 High-Speed Video Camera
Ultra-high-speed Video Recording of Up to 10 Million FPS
  • Recording speed of 10 million frames/second, the highest in its class
  • Larger, clearer, high-sensitivity recording
  • Equipped with synchronized recording function, and high-level analytical capabilities that accommodate a variety of software programs
  • ISO 16,000 - 6 times higher sensitivity compared to conventional cameras
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